Sebastian Vicuna

Senior Associate Researcher

Santiago, Chile
skype: svicuna
+56 (2) 216-7338

Sebastian is an SEI Associate based in Santiago, Chile where he performs as Executive Director of the Centro de Cambio Global of the Pontificia Universidad Catolina. His areas of research as a water resources engineer are focused on integrated water resources management at the basin level. In recent years he has studied the effects of climate change on water resources in California and other regional settings in Central and South America. The emphasis of his recent work has been the exploration of adaptation strategies to these impacts. Sebastian received in 2004 a Master in Public Policy and a Master in Science in Civil & Environmental Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. In 2007 he received a PhD in Civil & Environmental Engineering from the same university. Prior to his studies in United States, he worked on a wide range of environment-related projects in Chile.

Recent Publications by Sebastian Vicuna


Robust Analysis of Future Climate Change Impacts on Water For Agriculture And Other Sectors: A Case Study In The Sacramento Valley

Climatic Change. Vol 87, Supplement 1.

Author(s): Purkey, D. ; Joyce, B. ; Vicuna, S. ; Hanemann, M.; Dale, L.; Yates, D.; Dracup, J.
Year: 2008

Research Area(s): Water Resources

Description: As part of the 2006 Climate Change Report to Governor Schwarzenegger and the California Legislature, an application of the Water Evaluation and Planning (WEAP) system in the Sacramento River Basin was deployed to look at the impact of climate change on agricultural water management and the potential for adaptation.
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The Sensitivity of California Water Resources to Climate Change Scenarios

Journal of the American Water Resources Association, Vol 43, Issue 2, p. 482 - 498.

Author(s): Vicuna, S. ; Joyce, B. ; Purkey, D. ; Maurer, E.; Dracup, J.
Year: 2007

Research Area(s): Water Resources

Description: Using the latest available General Circulation Model (GCM) we present an assessment of climate change impacts on California hydrology and water resources. Our results show greater negative impacts to California hydrology and water resources than previous assessments of climate change impacts in the region. These impacts, which translate into smaller streamflows, lower reservoir storage and decreased water supply deliveries and reliability, will be especially pronounced later in the 21st Century and south of the San Francisco bay Delta. The importance of considering how climate change impacts vary for different temporal, spatial, and institutional conditions in addition to the average impacts is also demonstrated.
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Climate Change Impacts on Water for Agriculture in California: A Case Study in the Sacramento Valley

White paper for the California Climate Change Center; #CEC-500-2005-194-SD

Author(s): Joyce, B. ; Vicuna, S. ; Purkey, D. ; Dale, L.; Dracup, J.; Hannemann, M.;Yates, D.
Year: 2006

Research Area(s): Water Resources