Devaraj de Condappa

Puducherry, India
skype: blue_naveen
+91 413 2223746
cell: +91 97904 97004

Devaraj is an SEI Associate based in Pondicherry, India. He is French with Indian extraction. He has experience in the fields of hydrology, water resources planning / allocation, village-level GIS and training / capacity building. Over the past five years he has worked in water resource-related research projects in West Africa (North of Benin, Volta basin) and Asia (Indus and Ganges basins - with a particular focus on glaciers issue). His special interest is bridging the gap between research and practical implementation. He therefore focuses on training activities and adapting GIS and decision support systems to make them applicable to village-level water management.

Devaraj received his Ph.D. in Soil Hydrology from the University 'Joseph Fourier', France, in 2005.