Jason Veysey

Senior Scientist

Somerville, MA
+1 (617) 627-3786 x1#

Jason focuses on energy system modeling, climate change mitigation policy analysis, and modeling and policy capacity-building in developing nations. His research centers on how to improve the usefulness of models, data systems, and data analyses to policy-makers. He is particularly interested in issues such as model and system transparency, accessibility to stakeholders who are not professional programmers or modelers, and practicality for answering actual climate and energy policy questions.

Jason came to SEI in 2013 from Eastern Research Group (ERG), an environmental and energy consultancy. At ERG he led policy and data analysis, modeling, and software development projects in support of numerous public-sector climate and energy programmes.

He has an extensive, wide-ranging background in information technology, including 15 years' experience designing and developing significant data systems, principally web- and cloud-based.

He has an MPP in environmental policy from Tufts University, and a dual BA in government and French studies from Harvard University.

Recent Publications by Jason Veysey


Pathways to Mexico's climate change mitigation targets: A multi-model analysis

Energy Economics, 56, 587–599

Author(s): Veysey, J. ; Octaviano, C.; Calvin, K.; Herreras Martinez, S.; Kitousf, A.; McFarland, J.; van der Zwaan, B.
Year: 2016

Research Area(s): Energy Modeling ; Climate Mitigation Policy

Description: This article explores paths to deep climate change mitigation in Mexico by 2050, presenting results from six models and comparing them with Mexican climate policy. Mexico's climate policy sets ambitious national greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets – 30% versus a business-as-usual baseline by 2020, 50% versus 2000 by 2050. However, these goals are at odds with recent energy and emission trends in the country. The authors investigate how Mexico might reverse current trends and reach its mitigation targets by exploring results from energy system and economic models involved in the CLIMACAP-LAMP project.
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