Manon von Kaenel

Research Analyst

Davis, CA
skype: manon.von.kaenel.sei
+1 (530) 753-3035 x7#

Manon is a Research Analyst in the Water Group. She focuses on regional water resource modeling in the context of climate change adaptation, specifically in Latin America. Her research interests relate to the application of modeling, remote sensing, and other GIS tools to ecosystem conservation and natural resource management, particularly in water systems of the western U.S. and South America.

She joined SEI in January 2016 after earning her B.S. in environmental sciences and B.A. in geography from the University of California, Berkeley. Her thesis project looked at the effect of climate change on vegetation growth in wet meadows of the Sierra Nevada mountains in California and Nevada. Other previous research topics include urban stormwater management and beach geomorphology. Outside the office, she enjoys skiing in the winter and windsurfing in the summer.