SEI-US Climate Symposium

Friday, November 30, 2007
1-5pm, Coolidge Room, Ballou Hall
Tufts University Medford Campus

Researchers from the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and Tufts University joined scientists from around the world, including members of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), at a Nov. 30 symposium on global climate change.

The first half of the symposium examined climate mitigation and adaptation in the United States, with talks on carbon offsetting, water resources, and local climate action. The focus in the second half shifted to the links between climate change and international development, exploring policy frameworks that could provide for climate protection while ensuring fair and equitable development for the world's poor.  

The symposium, which followed SEI's annual board meeting, celebrates the new collaboration between SEI and Tufts University. Founded in 1989, SEI is an international research organization focusing on sustainable development and environmental issues. In addition to the U.S. Center, SEI has research centers in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Estonia and Thailand.

"Environmental education, scholarship and engagement are defining characteristics of Tufts University," said Tufts Vice Provost Vincent P. Manno. "Our evolving partnership with the Stockholm Environment Institute is a strategic component of this commitment. SEI brings to Tufts a reputation for rigorous analysis and substantive impact in the area of international environmental sustainability." He noted that SEI's co-residence at Tufts will benefit Tufts scholars and students from across the university.

"Our affiliation with Tufts provides valuable new opportunities for SEI’s researchers to collaborate with faculty and students" said Charles Heaps, Acting Director of SEI’s U.S. Center. "SEI also offers internships for graduate students who are interested in our research program”.

Symposium Agenda

Welcome and Introduction.
Tufts University President Lawrence S. Bacow and SEI Executive Director Johan Rockström

Moderator: Charlie Heaps, Acting Director, SEI-US

Session 1: Climate Mitigation and Adaptation in the US

Michael Lazarus, SEI-US
All Politics Is Local: The Evolving Role Of Sub-National Climate Action In The US.
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David Purkey and Rich Vogel, SEI-US/Tufts
Where Will the Water Go? Hydrologic Impacts of Climate Change.
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Anja Kollmuss, SEI-US
Carbon Offsetting: Miracle or Mirage?
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Plenary Discussion
with introductory reflections from Jim Skea (SEI-Board) and William Moomaw (Tufts)

Session 2: Climate Change and Development: Towards a more just world past 2012

Tariq Banuri, SEI
What I want from Bali
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Sivan Kartha, SEI-US
Shouldering the Burden for Climate Action
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Frank Ackerman, SEI-US/ Tufts
Can We Afford the Future? Economics as if Climate Change Mattered
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Plenary Discussion