SEI-US Symposium

Taking Climate Change Seriously:
Research and Policy Directions for the Next US Administration

Friday, December 5, 2008, 9am – 5pm

Scientists are reporting with increasing urgency about the impacts of unabated climate change.  With the new administration taking office there is a significant opportunity to reshape the US’ role in addressing the climate challenge.

A one day symposium of the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) at Tufts University will explore how sound science and policy research can lay a foundation for new climate policies – ones that will allow us to move beyond the current climate stalemate and which offer hope that a low carbon sustainable future is possible.

SEI has been working to address the challenges of climate mitigation and adaptation for more than two decades in both the US and all around the globe. SEI staff and invited speakers from NGOs and policy makers will present relevant projects and discuss how their experience and research can inform US policy makers.

Agenda (with links to PPT and materials):

9.00am Welcome by Lawrence S. Bacow, Tufts President, and Charlie Heaps, Center Director, SEI
9.15am Introduction: Taking Climate Change Seriously: Symposium Overview, Framing the Discussions.
Urgent Findings of the Latest Climate Science
Melanie Fitzpatrick, Union of Concerned Scientists
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Climate Benefits of the California Lifestyle: Interstate Differences in Carbon Emissions
Frank Ackermann, SEI
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List of recent (downloadable) papers

Needed Improvements in Economic Assessments of Climate Policies
John A. “Skip” Laitner, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)
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11.00am Break

Adaptation Planning in California: Preparing for Water Scarcity
Brian Joyce, SEI
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Come Rain and Shine: Adaptation in the Modern Era
William Dougherty, SEI
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Q & A

12.30pm Lunch

Legislating the Highway Act of 1956: Lessons for Climate Policy
Roel Hammerschlag, SEI
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Regional Climate Initiatives as a Pathway to a Federal Cap
Sonia Hamel, Climate Change Policy Advisor
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Climate Mitigation Under the Existing Clean Air Act
Kenneth A. Colburn, Center for Climate Strategies
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What Economic Development Will Mean for China’s GHG Emissions
Liz Stanton, SEI
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List of recent papers

The Greenhouse Development Rights Framework Applied to the US
Eric Kemp-Benedict, SEI
Download the second edition of the Greenhouse Development Rights.
Download GDRs presentation


Update from COP14
Sivan Kartha, SEI, Reporting live from Posnan.
Listen to it!

4.30pm Panel and Plenary Discussion
Where do we go from here? Viable policy options for the US.
Facilitator: Kenneth A. Colburn, Center for Climate Strategies
Frank Ackerman, SEI;
Sonia Hamel;
Charlie Heaps, SEI;
William Moomaw, Tufts;
Ralph Torrie, ICF International
5.15pm End