King County Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories and Tracking Framework

Staff: Erickson, P. ; Lazarus, M. ; Stanton, E.A. ; Chandler, C. ; Bueno, R. ; Ackerman, F. ; Kollmuss, A.; Cascadia Consulting Group Inc.; Gordon Smith, Ecofor LLC; Michael Gillenwater
Date: 2010-2011
Client/Funder: King County (WA), City of Seattle, Puget Sound Clean Air Agency

Research Area(s): Climate Mitigation Policy

Description: In the absence of an accepted, standard greenhouse gas inventory protocol for communities, King County and other partners have funded this ambitious project to recommend a GHG emissions monitoring framework for the region of King County (which includes Seattle). SEI's work on this project has included compiling a 2008 update to the County's GHG emissions inventory (using traditional inventory methods) as well as conducting an innovative consumption-based GHG inventory (counting all the emissions released to support consumption in the county, regardless of where those emissions were released). Using results of these two inventories, coupled with additional research, SEI has been working with King County and other project partners to recommend a comprehensive, policy-relevant, cost-effective emissions measurement framework.