Developmental equity in an international climate regime: Analysis, practical paths and engagement

Staff: Kartha, S. ; Kemp-Benedict, E.
Date: 2011-ongoing
Client/Funder: Sida

This project is built on the notion that an equitable framework is a precondition for an effective climate regime. Without developmental justice, it will not be possible to win the earnest engagement of the developing world, which is necessary for a successful global response to the climate problem.

This project will continue and extend the work of the ongoing Greenhouse Development Rights project. It aims to instill a perspective of developmental equity into the climate discourse and negotiations, by providing an appropriate framing and the necessary technical, analytical and political substantiation.

The project entails both technical work – building on the existing extensive data base and technical platform underlying the GDRs project – and political analysis and application of the framework.

A crucial part of our work is to continue to develop the GDRs burden-sharing framework to keep it relevant to the ongoing climate negotiations and discourse, and to engage intensively with policymakers, civil-society actors, and thought leaders, many of whom have already been strongly influenced by the GDRs analysis.

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