Revision and update of elements of Mexico's Low Emissions Development Strategy

Staff: Heaps, C. ; Clark, V.
Date: 2012-13

SEI is helping Mexico update its national emissions baseline and identify climate change mitigation opportunities.

In recent years, the Mexican government – through the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and the National Institute of Ecology – has been involved in various efforts related to climate change and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, including the development of a national emissions baseline, identification of emission reduction opportunities, construction of abatement cost curves, and developing alternative emissions scenarios, all with the broader intent of developing a national emissions reduction strategy.

This project seeks to revise, update, and strengthen these previous efforts, and generate key elements for the formulation and implementation of a long-term national Low-Emissions Development Strategy, using the LEAP system and drawing on SEI's mitigation expertise.

SEI, in collaboration with the Universidad Autónoma de México, is working in three key areas: 1) revising and updating the national greenhouse gas emissions baseline; 2) updating opportunities and actions for emissions reductions in a mitigation scenario; and 3) performing a cost-benefit analysis and developing cost curves.