CRED: A New Model of Climate and Development

SEI Working Paper WP-US-1003

Author(s): Ackerman, F. ; Stanton, E.A. ; Bueno, R.
Year: 2010

Research Area(s): Climate Economics

Description: This paper describes a new model, Climate and Regional Economics of Development (CRED), which is designed to analyze the economics of climate and development choices. Its principal innovations are the treatment of global equity, calculation of the optimum interregional flows of resources, and use of McKinsey marginal abatement cost curves to project the cost of mitigation. The model shows more equitable scenarios have better climate outcomes; the challenge of climate policy is to persuade high-income countries to accept the need for both international equity and climate protection.
Note: This updates and replaces the paper published in April 2010. A previous version has been released by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs as UN/DESA Working Paper No. 96.

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