Maximizing the Positive: Interactions between Offset Programs and Other Climate-related Policies

SEI Working Paper WP-US-0805

Author(s): Lazarus, M. ; Kollmuss, A. ; Lee, C.M. ; Kartha, S. ; Polycarp, C.
Year: 2008

Research Area(s): Emissions Trading & Offsets

Description: This paper addresses one of the more vexing and poorly understood questions facing GHG offset programs: How can offset programs be designed to work with, and enhance, other GHG mitigation policies to create an effective, secure, and equitable climate protection regime? Or, put more specifically, do offset programs, and the potential revenue streams and interest groups created by offset projects, erect barriers -- or create pathways -- to other effective government policies? As discussed in this paper, evidence appears to suggest that offset programs have played both roles, and specific policy measures can be undertaken to maximize positive, and to minimize negative, interactions with other policies.

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