Handbook of Carbon Offset Programs Trading Systems, Funds, Protocols and Standards

EarthScan Publication

Author(s): Kollmuss, A. ; Lazarus, M. ; Lee, C.M. ; LeFranc, M. ; Polycarp, C.
Year: 2010

Research Area(s): Emissions Trading & Offsets

Description: This handbook provides a systematic and comprehensive review of existing offset programs. It looks at what offsets are, how offset mechanisms function, and the successes and pitfalls they have encountered. Coverage includes offset programs across the full swath of applications including 27 mandatory and voluntary systems, government regulated and private markets, carbon offset funds, and accounting and reporting protocols such as the WBCSD/WRI GHG Protocol and ISO 14064. The handbook is an essential reference for all regulators, policy makers, business leaders and NGOs concerned with the design and operation of GHG offset programs world-wide.

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