Capacity According to the GDRs Framework

SEI Policy Brief

Author(s): Kartha, S.
Year: 2009

The Greenhouse Development Rights framework (GDRs), devised by SEI and Ecoequity, is a climate framework designed to support an emergency climate stabilization programme while, at the same time, preserving the rights of all people to a dignified level of sustainable human development free of the privations of poverty. GDRs offers solutions to the climate crisis while supporting development in the South.

Key Findings include:

  • The emerging climate crisis is extraordinarily urgent, yet it must be seen against the backdrop of an ongoing and equally urgent development crisis.
  • There is a North-South impasse threatening the international climate change negotiations, that is linked directly to the tension between the climate and development crises.
  • This impasse requires a transparent, principle-based system that holds the right to development at the core of global climate mobilisation.
  • The planet will not remain below a safe climate threshold unless developed countries, ultimately, take responsibility for emission cuts of more than 100%.
  • Countries with high capacity and high responsibility must:
    - free up sufficient environmental space for the poorer countries to develop by driving ambitious domestic emission reductions
    - provide technological and financial support to enable development in poorer countries to occur along a decarbonised path.
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