Issues and Options for Benchmarking Industrial GHG Emissions

White Paper for the Washington State Department of Ecology

Author(s): Erickson, P. ; Lazarus, M. ; Adair, J.; Brant, J.; Levitt, E.; Hermann, H.; Larson, T.; Ross, B.; Wheeless, A.
Year: 2010

This White Paper explores several technical issues and options to be considered in developing benchmarks, including how to define the product or sector being benchmarked, how to establishment measurement protocols and boundaries, whether to establish benchmarks at average or better-than-average performance levels, and an initial assessment of possible data sources.

This white paper builds on the insights gained from the benchmarking symposium (on May 19, 2010) as well as stakeholder comments. It examines a number of industrial sectors in detail including: aluminum, cement, chemicals, food processing, glass, heat, pulp and paper, and steel. The Washington State Department of Ecology and SEI worked with representatives from each of those sectors as they drafted the white paper during the spring of 2010.

The paper was written in collaboration with: the Washington Department of Ecology, WA; the Oeko-Institut, Berlin, Germany and Ross & Associates Environmental Consulting, Ltd.

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