No State Left Behind: A Better Approach to Climate Policy

Economics for Equity and the Environment (E3 Network) white paper

Author(s): Stanton, E.A. ; Ackerman, F.
Year: 2010

In a white paper published together with a new report, Emission Reduction, Interstate Equity, and the Price of Carbon, the authors offer seven questions to help the public and policymakers judge how effective a proposed climate policy would be at reducing emissions while minimizing economic impacts:

1. Are the emissions targets low enough to do the job?
2. Will price ceilings interfere with emission reductions?
3. Will a significant share of revenues be rebated to households?
4. Are emission permits given away?
5. Are large-scale investments made in energy efficiency?
6. Is there a strategy for retiring coal plants?
7. Is green investment directed toward the states most affected by climate policy?
Click here to learn more about Emission Reduction, Interstate Equity, and the Price of Carbon and see related articles and media coverage of the report and white paper.

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