GHG schemes addressing climate change – How ISO standards help

International Standards for Business, Government and Society (ISO) brochure

Author(s): Baumann, T. ; Kollmuss, A.
Year: 2011

Research Area(s): Emissions Trading & Offsets

Description: This brochure provides information to potential users of GHG standards and programs, including 1) an overview of the climate change context including a map of available GHG standards, as well as those currently in development; 2) information on how GHG standards, such as ISO 14064, can provide the tools for implementing climate mitigation and adaptation strategies; 3) an overview of the future of GHG standards and how they can promote a faster up-take of new green technologies and low-emission practices; 4) opportunities to enhance current GHG standards and standards development; 5) proposed changes to address concerns and help maximize the effectiveness of GHG standards in moving the world to a more sustainable future.

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