SEI Research Synthesis: Climate change mitigation and bioenergy

SEI Research Synthesis Brief, Reducing Climate Risk theme

Author(s): Davis, M. ; Heaps, C. ; Lazarus, M. ; Erickson, P. ; Johnson, F.X.; Nilsson, M.
Year: 2014

Avoiding dangerous climate change requires ambitious actions to sharply reduce greenhouse gas emissions. SEI works to inform, support and advise decision-makers and civil society on ways to achieve these reductions and build a low-carbon future – including the role of bioenergy.

SEI's research on climate mitigation is broad and diverse, with significant contributions to both the scientific community and policy discourses around the world. We have also built tools and analytical frameworks to explore the options, from the global to the local level, and we work to build capacity for mitigation planning and analysis.

SEI's bioenergy research, meanwhile, has focused on three aspects of this issue: the linkages, synergies and conflicts in the use of land resources for bioenergy and food production; the potential for developing countries to exploit biomass resources that can give them a comparative advantage; and the potential for modern bioenergy to help reduce traditional biomass use in poor countries.

This brief, part of a series synthesizing SEI research from 2009 to 2013, presents three key insights from our work, an overview of major projects and publications, and a look at new and ongoing work as well as future research pathways.

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