Carbon Offsetting & Air Travel: Part 1: CO2-Emissions Calculations

SEI Discussion Paper

Author(s): Kollmuss, A. ; Lane, J.
Year: 2008

Research Area(s): Emissions Trading & Offsets

Description: This is the first of two papers that examine the key factors that have to be taken into account when calculating air travel emissions for the purpose of climate footprint and offset calculations. It examines methods of calculating CO2 emissions only, and provides a framework for how to allocate responsibility for these emissions among various aviation users. The aircraft parameters discussed are: Aircraft Model, Flight Profile and Flight Distance, Cargo on Passenger Flights, Seat Occupancy Rate, Seat Class. The final section of the paper analyzes emissions calculations for flights between three city pairs, and compares the results of three air travel emissions calculators (Atmosfair, TRX Travel Analytics, Virgin Atlantic) to each other as well as to the UK's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) multiplier for air travel emissions calculations.

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