LEAP, the Long-range Energy Alternatives Planning system, is a powerful, widely used software tool for energy policy analysis and climate change mitigation assessment developed in SEI's U.S. Center.

LEAP has been adopted by thousands of organizations in more than 190 countries worldwide, including government agencies, academics, non-governmental organizations, consulting companies and energy utilities. It can be used at a wide range of scales, from cities and states to national, regional and even global applications. LEAP is fast becoming the de facto standard for countries undertaking integrated resource planning and greenhouse gas mitigation assessments, especially in the developing world.

LEAP and its associated training materials and documentation are available free of charge to qualified academic, governmental and not-for-profit organizations based in the developing world and to students worldwide. Consulting companies, utilities and other businesses can also get access to LEAP through affordably priced licensing arrangements.

LEAP is distributed and supported through its website, an online initiative to foster a community among developing country energy analysts.

Download the LEAP brochure (PDF, 302kb)

Visit the LEAP website